Monday, September 14, 2009

Environmental Poems

Poems by Greta Akili - ET's Administrative Assistant

Hunted what a Shame

Wounded, hurt, with pain alone,
Senses reeling, seeing hearing and smelling,
A sound ears so keen. Stop! Listen, eyes peering-
Yet focused, it shines with a reflection of the moon,
The spirit as one natural with the surrounding
Weary, cautiously then with lightening speed to hide,
Not to be found-Dogs- the incessant howling,
Barking, smelling, tracking-
Escape-not in the pot or ice cold frost tonight
Spared for. Tomorrow.


Children playing, laughing
Running into that glorious blue sea,
Swimming to another shore, untiring
With screaming gulls and exclusive hotels
And the magic of yachts anchored at bay
It's a wonderful day
They are itching, eyes burning, nose running-
What we feared is true
No more this treasure - for the children or me?

Why Burn

It was no spell
The dream while sleeping-
It's horrid to think it can be
No Trees in sight -
Where is the grass- the butterflies?
A blight?
A fire set for growing
The earth so dry
The wind blowing- blackness descending
It cannot be so
I must be dreaming

Game's End

Nature no secrets she has-
Man and his technology
With his inventions to kill
Another spices extinct.
For I was alone- hunted till death
Earth's creatures, open for invasion
Laws defiled -Speed and scent
Their weapons to escape
But with a frightening feeling
She no longer exists
My little ones will starve
No visions, they continue to invade
Are they never to learn?

Looking Skyward

Stars alight twinkling, glittering
Jewel like reflecting brilliance
It shines with shadows of shapes
Around to circles of rings
Alone amid the glow -
The movement of grey, surrounding cover
No company, darkening
To be under like forever the clouds
They sail across and see a sail in the sky
I am breathing again the glow of a rainbow
Around me
What a magnificent wonder- Look to
The heavens with praise and gaze at the universe
Eternal and thank the great spirit for his blessings

by : fieza, aishah, suhailah, jannah and anna


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