Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Short stories: Environmental stories for children

by Arvin Dang

The Paper Trail

Once upon a time there was a piece of paper. It could do all sorts of cool things. Like bend, flex, fold, lie flat, stand up, even make paper airplanes. The kids loved playing with it! They would draw on it, cut it out, make shapes, make airplanes on it. But one day the paper found itself old, and wrinkled. Too used up for the kids to keep playing with it. And it was sad. Before it knew what was going on, it found itself stuck at the bottom of the trash can. It got sent out to the big dumpster where the trash men came and picked it up. The little piece of paper was thrown into the truck with all the other papers who were old, wrinkled, and quite grumpy. The journey was bumpy and windy, too long for such a tired piece of paper. It went from light to dark, from wind to rain. It was grabbed at and squished, and finally thrown onto a conveyer with the rest of the paper. It quickly got sorted and pushed, and moved around. The poor little piece of paper could do very little in its weak condition. Soon it saw a massive crusher and realized O NO! This is the end! There was so much I wanted to do! I wanted to be a pamphlet for Hawaii, or a legal binding document. But alas this is the end. And before it new it, it was crushed back into a thin piece of paper. Hm, it thought, that's not so bad. Then it saw the slicer! And the crusher O NO! the paper tried to run, it tried to fight with the other papers, but it had one corner caught. It started to tear as it was trying to pull away. It barely broke off, just a fragment got stuck. I can make it! But it was too late. The crusher and ripper sucked in the rest of the papers. And the paper closed its eyes. Slowly it blinked. And realized it was perfectly quiet. Even a bit sunny. Looking around the paper realized it was sitting next to a batch of fresh paper. It looked down at itself. Completely clean, smooth with a fresh coat of bleach! Then bending over to examine the rest of itself, to see what was going on it noticed a fine watermark on its back. What is this? It asked. A recycled logo!
by : fieza, aishah, suhailah, jannah and anna


Anonymous said...

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